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here we would be discussing about the geography , history , about the economy of Buxar (which is a district of bihar). by umaima ehtasham


Stretching over an area of 1,62,380 hectares. Buxar lies on the border with the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. River Ganges (Ganga) forms the border in north and in the west river Karmanasa. The entire strip of land between the river Ganges and stretches in south beyond main line of the Eastern Railways. The land form is low lying alluvial plane of river Ganges and her tributaries- Thora and Karmanasa. The river Karmansa joins the Ganges near Chousa. The region is considered to be the best wheat growing area in the State and India.


In addition to mythological references of Buxar modern historical record are limited to two battles. The earliest of the two was fought between the Mughal dynastic descendant Humayun and Sher Shah Suri at Chousa in 1539 A.D. The battle was won by Sher Shah Suri who is acclaimed for his visionary contribution the Grand Trunk Road project. Later in 1764 Battle of Buxar was fought.

In Hindu religious literature, Buxar is believed to be referenced as "Siddhashram", "Vedgarbhapuri", "Karush", "Tapovan", "Chaitrath", "VyaghraSar". Some claim that the history of Buxar dates back even prior to the period of Ramayana. The etymology of word Buxar is Vyaghra + Sar; Sanskrit words that mean, Tiger and Pond respectively. Presumable suggestive of a pond or lake which was visited by tigers of the region. This is the most accepted origin of the name of the town. Another story relates the name to tiger face of Rishi Vedshira, an outcome of the curse of the sage Rishi Durvasha, was restored after bathing in a holy tank which was later named as VyaghraSar.

The district of Buxar has large majority of the people engaged in agricultural pursuits and deriving their livelihood from agricultural pursuits. The possession of livestock generally adds to the social status of the farmer. Agricultural census conducted taken in 1991 shows the cattle wealth of the district as: Cow-184325, Sheep-15430, Horse-3341, Camel-15, Buffalo-114112, Goat-82186, Mula-240, Ass-1646, Pig-13235, Poultry-70305.

There are however different types of small scale and cottage industries located in this district of Buxar, the details of which have been given below::
1. Soap Industry: It is mainly concentrated in Buxar and Dumraon.
2. Timber and Furniture works: It is located at Buxar and Dumraon.
3. Leather Industry: There are individual leather workers all over the district.